Playwright Bar & LoungeNew York, NY, United States

Awesome 80s Murder Mystery Party

By NYC Social (other events)

16 Dates Through Jan 31, 2020

Join us for this fun 80s Murder Mystery Theme Party where everyone at the party is a suspect and you will help to find the killer!!

With their high school career coming to an end, the students of Mayhem High find themselves battling it out over grades, popularity, affection, class rankings and what they all have been focused on for years…who will be awarded the prom king and queen title?

As the night unfolds, the royalty will be rewarded and an innocent life will be claimed. From the preppie to the punk rocker, the spaz to the stud, the jock to the jilted—all are suspected although only one is to blame and it could be you!!

Can you find the culprit in this crazy madness that is filled with neon, naughtiness and narcissistic behavior? Everyone at our party will have a character to play, no experience necessary and it is so much fun! How it works:

Everyone will be given a character sheet explaining who they are and who they fit into the story.

Your prom chaperone will guide you through the story and help you interact with the others at the event to help you solve the murder. Throughout the night different things will be revealed to help you reach your goal while we play awesome 80s music!!

Can I come alone? Yes 90% of those attending will likely register on their own but you are invited to bring as many guests as you would like just register for that amount.

Dress code? If you have 80's themed clothing that you want to wear please do!!! But it's not required.

Age-specific? All welcome 21 & over.

Who are the hosts? This is a partnered event between the NYC Social Group and NYSN. We are a social organization that offers these activities as part of our events for people to enjoy a night out, try something different, make friends, etc. It is done in a very fun and casual way at a local lounge. THIS IS NOT A DINNER EVENT. It is more of a cocktail party atmosphere. Some people get really into it and come dressed up for the theme an others just come to have fun, it's up to you. The main thing is to have fun!