Central Park Scavenger Hunt

By NYC Social (other events)

5 Dates Through Sep 15, 2019

Experience Central Park in a whole new way with our Central Park Scavenger Hunt & Mystery Hunt! It is a fun way to meet new people or hang out with familiar friends in NYC's Urban Oasis! 

-Sign up alone or with friends.  We will create teams of 4-6 based on the total number of registrations.

-Teams are sent out one by one and each given 120 minutes to find as many of the clues to help solve the mystery. You are racing against the clock (not other teams).

-When your time is up you will return and hand in your clues and your thoughts on what happened. The team with the most points and/or has the answer to the puzzle wins!

If you don't have a team we will set you up on one as you set out to find fun and historical things that are already part of the park. Following the hunt you can join members of the hunt for a bite to eat at a local pub or restaurant.