Singles Social

By NYC Social (other events)

12 Dates Through Sep 27, 2023

Join us for this fun & unique way to meet singles! Summer is always great time to meet new people but sometimes we do not what category they will fit into our lives! This often depends upon our attraction, comfortability level, conversation, and the overall energy from this person. Different people give us different vibes. So we have a great way of helping you find your matches.

How it works:
You will have a choice of 10 unlimited bookmarks to choose from! The categories are friend, wing woman/wing man, let’s do brunch/dinner together, workout partner, romantic, discover NYC together, etc. If so inclined, you can write your contact info on the back of this bookmark and hand it to the person of choice or leave it with the host to give to that person.

Perfect Summer recipe to meet new people: Sip, Mix, and Mingle. Repeat. You will be welcomed by one of our professional hosts and introduced to other members. Our events are inclusive and everyone is made to feel comfortable and at ease in stylish surroundings.

All ladies will receive a complimentary drink of choice before 7pm. For every 2 drinks purchased, both men and ladies will receive their third free for the remainder of the evening off the whole bar! This is a private ticketed event only.