Exclusive Mixer & Tequila Tasting

By NYC Social (other events)

2 Dates Through May 23, 2019

Complimentary Tequila & 2 For 1 Drinks!

Please join us at our exclusive mixer at Santos Anne Lounge in Brooklyn located right in the heart of Williamsburg. Santos Anne is a beautiful French/Mexican fusion restaurant/lounge with good food and great tequilla.

*The entire venue will be closed to the public for this event which is exclusively for ticket holders (please note: tickets will not be sold at the door. You have to prepay here online).

* The mingle mixer portion of the event begins at 7:30 and we'll have 2 for 1 cocktails at the bar to help everyone relax and break the ice.

* We will have a complimentary tequila tasting from 8:30 to 9:15 where an experienced expert will offer you an explanation of the differences between the types and varieties of this great spirit. You'll be tasting several superb quality tequilas.

* We'll have tequila themed ice-breakers and will be raffling off a bottle of high end tequila!

* After the tasting portion of the event we encourage everyone to keep mingling and enjoying a great, fun night!


Can I come alone? Yes about 70% of those attending will be coming solo.
But you can also invite friends to join you. Everyone must have a ticket to enter.

Is there music at the event? Yes, there will be great music playing at the right volume for mingling.

Is there a specific age range? 21 and over. The suggested age range is 20s, 30s & 40s. Anyone looking to enjoy a great evening out and meet people are welcome to attend.

Is there food? The venue has a fantastic menu of food that you can order from.

Is there a dress code? No specific dress code. We just suggest "neat casual".

How many will be attending? Expect 50-100 people to attend

Do I have to arrive on time? No although we do ask/recommend that you arrive before 8:30 so you can enjoy the tasting portion of the event.

*Tickets NOT sold at door. Prepay Only Event.