Whitman'sNew York, NY, United States

High Line Sunset Scavenger Hunt

By NYC Social (other events)

13 Dates Through May 26, 2022

The High Line is one of New York's top attractions! Join us for this fun evening of adventure, history and socializing as we invite members and friends to see how much they can see and learn while having a little friendly competition. No experience is needed and we will make up teams when you arrive (unless you already have one).

Here is how it works:

- We will divide everyone into teams of 4-6 (unless you have a team)

- Our host will explain the rules then give you a list of clues that you will need to find.

- Each team will be given 90 minutes from the time they are sent out to get from one end to the other with as many clues as they can find.

- The group will end at a designated place near Gansevoort Street to hand in their sheets then eat and drink while the numbers are tallied.

What are we looking for? Historical and contemporary points of interest on the High Line and the surrounding buildings/structures.

Do I need to know anything? No, the clues are fun, simple and also some are designed to educate.

Can I come alone? Yes, 90% of those attending this event will likely register on their own. You can also come with friends. Each person will need their own ticket.

Age restriction? This is for anyone 21 or older.