ONLINE - Eastern Standard TimeCouch City, NY, United States

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

By NYC Social (other events)

34 Dates Through May 25, 2021

We are taking one of our favorite Mystery & History Scavenger Hunts online! Join us for a fun night of exploring and socializing as you follow the exploits of a guy who visited New York City, toured some awesome sites, met some new people, and was invited to a big party. He made it to the party but left in a body bag! It is up to you to solve the mystery of what happened. 

We will put you together with other members to trace our victim's steps during the day which will give you clues as to what happened. Along the way you will also learn some amazing things about NYC that you probably never knew. No experience or prior knowledge is needed!

How it works:
Register and we will send you the code to join our Zoom meeting day of the event. Once logged in your host will explain the rules and randomly split you into teams (unless you have a team already). If you are registering with someone that will be sharing your Zoom log in please select 2 tickets (or more if you have multiple people playing with you). 

When the hunt starts we will email the clues page and you will start your online journey. Each group will have 30 minutes to find as many clues as possible. You will use those clues to piece together the answer to the mystery.

What do I need?
Computer with webcam or tablet/smartphone

How do I participate?
When you purchase ticket, we will send you a code to join Zoom meeting day of the event.

Can I attend alone?
Right now 99% of those participating attend alone.

How many are expected?
Most of our virtual events have up to 20 participants unless otherwise specified.