Murder Mystery Night

By NYC Social (other events)

21 Dates Through Jun 21, 2023

There is no better way to socialize than by sharing a meal with a fun group of people. Add in a good mystery and a little friendly competition and you have the recipe for an amazing night of conversations, great food and fun! 

What to expect:

When you arrive at the venue our hosts will greet you, introduce you to the others and randomly seat you at the table.

We will create teams of 3-4 people for the actual mystery part.

You will have a chance to order from the menu (order as much or as little as you’d like–meal is not included).

Once you have placed your order, each team will get to work trying to solve the mystery for that night.

Each mystery has a collection of 20-30 clues that follows a story where someone winds up finding their demise or missing. Each team will be able to find the answers to the clues via online searches or common knowledge. You will need to bring a smartphone or laptop.

Each team will have 30 minutes to solve the mystery. The meal will be delayed so that it is ready by the time you have submitted your answers.

While you are enjoying talking about your experiences in finding the answers and eating, your host will tally up the scores and announce the winners!