Holiday Mystery Party

By NYC Social (other events)

11 Dates Through Dec 09, 2020

Christmas is coming and Santa Claus is missing! Join us for this fun Holiday Themed Mystery Party where it is up to you and other attendees to follow the clues to track down the jolly old big guy. When you register we will have a chance to socialize and introduce each other then we will break you off into teams to start the search.

How Does It Work?
You will be given a list of clues as the game progresses that you will need to research and investigate both online and with other participants. Have a pen and paper on hand as you may need to take notes and jot down clues. The first one to figure out the mystery wins! We’ll have time to socialize before, during and after the event.

What's The Story?
Christmas season is here and Santa has gone missing! You will team up with other members and follow the observations of North Pole workers, elves, security cameras, department store workers, and others to piece together the mystery of where Santa went! The clues you will be following will also include some fun facts about the legend of Santa Claus/St. Nicholas.

What do I need?
A device with a camera and microphone.

How do I participate?
When you register for a ticket, we will send you a Zoom link and all the information you will need to participate, day of the event.

Can I attend alone?
Right now 90% of those participating attend alone. You can also send friends the ticket link and they can register for a ticket as well.

How many are expected?
Most of our virtual events have 15 to 20 participants unless otherwise specified.

How much?
$15-25 depending upon how early you register (and # of spots are available)

*P.S. Event organizers are being hit especially hard right now. We are continuing to work hard to create fun events for you to participate in and meet new people. We appreciate your support during this trying time.