NY's Largest Adult Egg Hunt

By NYC Social (other events)

Sunday, March 26 2023 7:10 AM 7:11 AM EDT

Quiet Events is sponsoring this app-based Easter Egg Hunt with party tickets to be raffled off, come join us!

This isn’t your normal Easter Egg Hunt; it’s an adult urban adventure competition to seek hundreds of printed colored eggs throughout the city. Use your phone to “collect” the egg by scanning the QR code on them. This will win you drinks, prizes, and cash!

This is NYC’s largest adult hunt. There will be over 500 strategically placed printed Easter Eggs across 5 city blocks. You have 90 minutes to scan as many eggs as possible to collect points and other goodies.

When you return, our team will check your digital basket and count what you collected. Those that collect the most items will win prizes. Don’t worry; even if you don’t have the most, some eggs contain raffle tickets for a chance to win something. You can come with friends, but this is not a team hunt. You will be competing against everyone else!

The Details:

Check-in: 12-12:30 pm

Hunt: 1:00-2:30 pm

Winners announced: 3:00 pm

Hunt Boundaries:

34th-42nd (South to north) to Broadway-5th (west to east)

Prizes (Most Collected Items):

1st: $100 cash (Points)

2nd $ 50 cash (Prizes)

3rd $ 30 cash (Candy)

10 other raffle items will be given out

What to bring:

Install the $1.99 – Egg Hunt App: (App Store) (Play Store)

How it works:

Each player or team of players needs an iOS or Android phone with the QRGamez App installed. Upon arriving, the staff will provide you with a map, some clues on where some of the golden eggs are (containing more points), and the start code for that hunt. You have 90 minutes to collect as many eggs as possible. Did we mention that some eggs are bad? Yup, they take points away. And don’t think about cheating… eggs can only be scanned once by a phone & the points aren’t always the same for each player. When the timer runs out, return to the starting point. Eggs can contain points, tickets, candy or prizes. This will be totaled up to find the winners. The more raffle tickets collected give you more chances to win one of the 10 other prizes.

Common Questions:

Can I do it in a group? Yes, but it’s not as fun.

Rain or shine? Yup.

My phone is old and I can’t download the app, can I still play? No, the app is required.