The Great NYC Underground Art & History Scavenger Hunt

By NYC Social (other events)

3 Dates Through Dec 06, 2018

Stay warm and explore the underground of Manhattan as we bring dozens together for a little fun competition, exploring, socializing even a little learning. No experience is necessary all you need is a desire to have fun and meet new people!

How it works:
• Registration will happen at 12pm at The Playwright Irish Tavern on 35th and 5th.

• We will randomly put together teams of 5 (unless you already have a team)

• Once you are on a team you will be given a sheet of clues and questions where the only places you can find the answers are within the trains and stations of the Manhattan subways. Many of the clues will focus on finding historical info as well as the subway art within the stations(It's not hard stuff, we promise)

• Each team will be given a designated amount of time (2 hours) from when they leave to return with as many answers as possible.

• After all teams have returned the groups will come together for food, drinks socializing and sharing experiences while we tally up the results! The final destination will be selected that day.

What kind of stuff will we be looking for? You will be given the specific clues to find at each station and in the subway cars. Many of the clues will will involve historical elements and the art exhibits in the stations. You will also have to bring back some pictures, trinkets and "trash" from your adventure. All in good fun.

Can I come alone? Yes 95% of those attending will likely sign up on their own. If you come alone we will set you up on a fun team.

How should I dress? Casual and for the weather although you will be underground 98% of the time.

What is the cost? $15 to participate in the Scavenger Hunt, plus you may need to swipe your metro card 2-3 times.

What should I bring? A camera phone if you have one. If not no worries. 

Where will I be traveling to? The hunt is designed to begin and end near Penn Station. You will be traveling on several of the subway lines, transferring trains and exploring some stations. All of the hunt will take place on the subways between 59th street and South Ferry.

Prepay Only Event. Ages: 21+