Traffic Light Party

By NYC Social (other events)

29 Dates Through Mar 09, 2023

Join us at one of our most popular events and check out this party concept that is sweeping the country!

How Does It Work? When you arrive you will choose 3 different colored glow bracelets that each represent an interest of yours (i.e: Green=arts and literature, Red = outdoor activities, Blue = sports & fitness, Yellow = travel, etc). Once you step into the room you will see people right away that have the same interests as you! It is a great conversation starter and a way to get right with the people that are potential matches. Later in the night we'll have two others activities that will further get you to connect with other like minded singles.

What to expect:
• Drink Specials 
• Free Red, Green, or Yellow Glow Bracelet
• Ice Breaker games with prizes
• Music played at conversational level 

Age 21 and over (20s-40s). To attend, must purchase in advance.